This is a history of events with the "Electronic Summer/Winter/Autumn"-setup. To this we have organizsed several other clubs and festivals (see summary at bottom of the page).

Electronic Summer 2017:

Live: Hocico (MX), Rotersand (DE), Boytronic (DE), The Invincible Spirit (DE), Page, Portion Control (UK), The Mobile Homes, Italove, Octolab
Pre Party: Kebu (FI), Mars TV, Disco Digitale
Other notable happenings and acts: Space theme on Thursday. Festival host: Alexander "Android" Hofman.

Electronic Winter 2017:

Live: Mesh (UK), Empathy Test (UK), Cryo, Mr.Data, Lucifer's Aid.

Electronic Summer 2016:

Live: Welle:Erdball (DE), Das Ich (DE), Grendel (NL), Leaether Strip (DK), Solitary Experiments (DE), Wolfgang Flür (DE), Chinese Detectives (NO), Ashbury Heights, Saft.
Outdoor sessions with Lazzo Bit Band, Jonas Groth and Thomas Jansson Piano SIDs.
Pre Party: Spark!, Vanguard, Mars TV, Alison.
Other notable happenings and acts: Talk by Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk), Fifth ES anniversary exhibition and bitpop theme.

Electronic Winter 2016:

Live: Neuroticfish (DE), Parralox (AUS), Sinestar (UK), Robert Enforsen, Ekobrottsmyndigheten, Container 90.

Pre Party: Synth quiz and DJs at Henriksberg.

Electronic Summer 2015:

Live: VNV Nation (UK/IE - 2 gigs), Project Pitchfork (DE), Solar Fake (DE), Psyche (DE/CAN), Marsheaux (GR), Karin Park, Sturm Café, Nattskiftet, Me The Tiger, Virtual Voices, Hiltipop, Peter Sjöholm.

Pre Party: Xhile, Avantgarde, Presence of Mind, Destin Fragile.

Other notable happenings and acts: Additional (2nd) Psyche secret gig with alternative setlist.

Electronic Winter 2014:

Live: Combichrist (US/NO), William Control (US), Digidroid, Twice A Man, Telemark.

Thomas Jansson & The Electronic Allstars. Acoustic piano sessions with: Robert Enforsen (Elegant Machinery), Darrin Huss (Psyche), Eddie Bengtsson (SMPJ), Karin Bolin Derne (Alison).

Electronic Summer 2014:

Live: Covenant, Asthetic Perfection (US), Assemblage 23 (US), Pouppée Fabrikk, Client (UK), Beborn Beton (DE), Daily Planet, Legend (IS).

Pre Party: Emmon, Candide, Disco Digitale

Other notable happenings and acts: Depeche Mode convention, Robert Enforsen acoustic surprise, Automen.

Electronic Autumn 2013:

Live: Melotron (DE), Thermostatic, Universal Poplab, Electro Spectre, Silent Wave.

Electronic Summer 2013:

Live: DAF (DE), Apoptygma Berzerk (NO), S.P.O.C.K, Spark!, Tyske Ludder (DE), Vanligt Folk, Mr Jones Machine, Page.

Pre Party: Julian & Marina, Machinista, Planet R.

Electronic Winter 2013:

Live: Iris (US), Lustans Lakejer, Mobile Homes, Emmon, Robert Enforsen, Sista Mannen På Jorden, Dead Eyes Open.

Pre Party: Candide and We Are The Eyes

Electronic Summer 2012:

Live: Mesh (UK), De/Vision (DE), Melotron (DE), Psyche (DE/CA), Universal Poplab, Page, Spetsnaz, Parralox (AU), Servoskudd (NO), Mars TV, Marilyn and the Rouge, Vanguard, Digidroid.

Other notable happenings and acts: Alan Wilder visit and DVD screening

Other events by the organizers

Reboot Festival 2021
We All Feel Better In The Neon Lights Festival 2019
We All Feel Better In The Dark Festival 2019
The Quad Festival 2019
BeatBoxGbg (regular festival since 2018)
Pilot (regular club 2003)
The Circus (regular club 2003)
Saturn (regular club 2000-2016)
Plasticity (regular club 2000-2005)
Synthbar (regular club 2000-2005)
Several concerts and one off parties/club nights

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