Important information!

We've unfortunately received sad news from the Welle:Erdball camp and they have to cancel their show at Electronic Summer. We've tried everything to solve this but it hasn't been possible, you can read a statement from the band below. We are however very happy to announce that our Danish friend Claus Larsen will come over for a show with his Leaether Strip on short notice! If you've bought a Friday-ticket primarily for Welle:Erdball and no longer want to go please send an e-mail to with the ticket reference number and we'll sort out a refund. Tickets for Electronic Summer are still available.

Message from Welle:Erdball:

Dear Electronic Summer visitors!

We had been looking forward to this event so much. To finally be back in Sweden after such a long time and to be able to play in front of the best audience in the world...
We even exclusively recorded a "cover" version of a Swedish classic, which we wanted to present at this festival...
Unfortunately, the whole thing somehow has been ill-fated. In the beginning we had so many problems with the planning but now there are also a lot of private problems- two members of the band won’t get days off from work etc. so we unfortunately have to cancel the appearance of Welle: Erdball at the Electronic Summer 2022 with a heavy heart.

We hope that the Swedish audience will forgive our decision and not forget us.
We wish you and all the guests a perfect Electronic Summer 2022.
Yours sincerely
Welle:Erdball (Honey, c0zmo, LadyLila, M.A.Peel & C=64)

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